Protection structure for Roll-Over and Falling Objects (ROPS-FOPS rules)

 Our "DEFENDER" structure is completely indipendent from the cab of the vehicle or any other equipment  and is fixed directly on the chassis of the vehicle.

Defender will be compatible with cabs made according to ECE R29 (this regulation does not allow modifications on the cab, unless the cabin will be approved again).


- It can be supply with EC declaration anc CE conformity marking:

    for DEFENDER protection (a prototype passed the test of the regulation), reference standard is written on a identification plate.

    In Europe the DIrective 2006/42/EC on machinery requires the use of cerificated protection structures.

 - With a report of calculation of the structure (without EC declaration anc Ce conformity marking)

   for structures with weight and dimensions different from the DEFENDER (prototype is not tested)


The roof-protection can be rotated by removing two pins that block the roof-protection in drive position and operating a manual hydraulic pump positioned on the bottom of the structure.

Construction and tests:

According to European regulations: Directive 2006/42/EC on Machinery

(Section 3.4: Protection against mechanical hazards)

According to International regulation:

ROPS-ISO 3471 : Roll-over protective structures

FOPS-ISO 3449  :Falling-object protective structures



Weigths of structure "DEFENDER"                           600 Kg

Weight of component for fixing at the chassis        380 Kg

Maximum Machine Mass                                 17.000 Kg


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