"Our passion started a long time ago."
 Cantoni & C. Company was founded during the reconstruction period in 1953, by Marco Cantoni in Boffalora Sopra Ticino (MI), working with the processing of Anglo-American trucks. Over the years, the Company specializes in the production of tipping bodies/dump trucks, acquiring a mindset and an industrial technology.
 In the 70s a subsidiary Company was established in Libya, where they live years of booming economics, only interrupted by political events.
It becomes leader in the tipping bodies production in Italy and in few years it cuts out itself a considerable space in the market of the most developed European areas and also in the emerging markets of East- Europe and North Africa, implementing services, after-sales and delivery of tippers as mounting kits. In January 2001 the Company is strengthened by the acquisition of Company F.lli Cordero.
The Company currently employs 70 people and the current productive capacity exceeds 2000 units per year.

F.lli CORDERO S.r.l.

Cordero Company was founded in the early 60s, through the initiative of Giovanni and Felice Cordero who begin an activity in Priocca (CN) of assembly and construction of tipping bodies for trucks, following the wake of the family tradition linked to the world of transportation. Over the years, they placed side by side the three-axles transformations, becoming supplier of the main trucks manufacturers. Since 1972 the Company operates in Canove di Govone (CN).
Nowadays, the range of products includes fixed bodies, hoops, tippers, processing on chassis of any manufacturer, shortening or extending of the vehicle wheelbase, mounting of rear-cab cranes and special solutions.
The Company currently employs 32 people and its productive capacity exceeds 1000 units per year.