MINING is the most demanding task for the vehicle and the tipping structure mounted on it. Those who work in  mine and quarry need special vehicles and tipping equipment of exceptional strength, able to carry heavy loads of raw minerals and rocks in extreme off-road conditions. These are the reasons why the tipping structures for this type of use represent a very special product range, which is the result of careful design. The strength and the load capacity are certainly the peculiar features of a Dumper Mine structure. After careful product design and testing, we can now offer our MINING RANGE, which mainly consists in 2 different products: - MINING PREMIUM DUMPER: This is the \'Top of the range\' product, where we have combined strength to innovative and unique design (see image XXX) - MINING SPECIAL DUMPER: This is a product where we have combined strength to a more traditional design (see image XXX) Both models can be tailor-made, according to the material that will be loaded and according to Customer’s specific requirements. The thickness of the bodyfloor and the sideboards can vary from 8  to 10,12,15 mm, and in some cases up to 20 mm, with Anti-Abrasion steel HB 400 to HB 450 (Hardness Brinell) In addition to the increased thicknesses, the structure is designed and realized with the SPECIFIC REINFORCEMENTS for extremely heavy loads. The structure of our subframe is tailor-designed, reinforced and equipped with special additional supports. The EXTRA CAPACITY of the structure can reach up to 28 cubic meters. To complete the MINING RANGE, our DEFENDER \"ROPS-FOPS\" structure has to be considered the product of excellence (See image XXX). When ROPS-FOPS safety regulations must be considered inside the working area (mine), our DEFENDER structure solve the problem. Our DEFENDER is patented and it is supplied with all ROPS-FOPS CERTIFICATIONS. Another optional for the MINING RANGE  is our BULL-BAR: protection bar for the front of the vehicle cabin. (See image )


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