- REAR Tipper
- Frontal semi-rigid telescopic cylinder, with first chromium-plated extension 
- Extra stable and wide bolted rear fulcrum
- Three-sections tipper structure, with wide steel sheet of the body-floor
- Body-floor in antiabrasion steel HB450, thickness 8 mm
- Boards in antiabrasion steel HB400, thickness 5 mm
- Fixed sideboards
- Frontboard with roof cab-protection
- Reargate with automatic mechanical unhooking device
- Pneumatic control from the cab by modulating system
- Gear pump included
- Spare-wheel holder between cab and tipper-body, with mechanical winch
- Zinc-plated toolbox, with key
- Strong steel rear mudguards
- Safety pole
- Lateral protections
- Stainless steel Lateral protections “FLAPS” (Inox)
- Lateral lights
- Reflecting rear plates and stripes
- CE Quality/Safety Standards with Use & maintenance handbook
- Painting system: Shot-blasting, Polyacrylic primer, Polyacrylic enamel painting
- Tipper Painting in cab colour (NOT metallic) with decostripes