ISUZU m21 3,5 TON.

ISUZU m21 3,5 TON.

The JOLLY range takes place in the market segment of commercial vehicles up to 7 tons of total weight. The structure of the JOLLY tipper is equipped with outstanding features of strength, functionality and resistance, due to the use of “cold” folded steel sheets. Flexibility, easy use and indestructibility characterize this product. The JOLLY tipper is produced in Threeway tipping system only.
The lifting is controlled by a telescopic central chromium- plated cylinder with electrical control activated by a mini electric power-pack unit or with a mechanical control with P.T.O.
The bodyfloor has a thickness of 3 mm.
The opening boards are removable, in steel or aluminium alloy. The lever pillars make easier and faster the opening and closing of the boards. The elegant bicolour is very peculiar: the grey boards, or the aluminium boards, contrast with anthracite painted poles-carrier and bodyfloor. The special “Cataphoresis-Powder” painting process provides exceptional durability against rust and other corrosive agents.

Standard features

  • Lifting system with central telescopic cylinder (with chromiumplated extensions)
  • Tipper control version:
    - Electric system 12V by remote control with cable
    - Mechanical system with P.T.O. and gear pump included
  • Protection-fuse for the electric system
  • Board versions:
    - Steel boards H 400 mm
    - Aluminium boards H 400 mm with special reinforced Cantoni-design profile (steel frontboard)
  • Opening/closing of boards with lever pillar
  • One way opening (up-down) single piece sideboards
  • Two ways opening reargate
  • Reargate with automatic opening device (mechanical)
  • Bodyfloor in steel sheet, thickness 3 mm
  • Zinc-plated tool box, with key 
  • Nr. 2 lateral winches
  • Thermoplastic back mudguards
  • Removable front poles-carrier with nonslip rubber protection
  • Perforated steel-plate, welded on the front poles-carrier as cab protection
  • Rear poles-carrier fixed on the reargate with nonslip rubber protection (steel boards version only)
  • Safety pole
  • Rescue draw-hook
  • Protective nets for rear lights
  • Lateral lights (if required)
  • Painting system: “Cataphoresis + Powder”
  • Grey bicolour painted (RAL 7021 and RAL 9007)
  • CE Quality/Safety Standards with “Use and Maintenance” handbook

Technical info

  • Three-way tipper
  • Painting system: Cataphoresis - Powder
  • Steel or aluminium boards - Bodyfloor in steel sheet
  • Central telescopic cylinder
  • GVW 3,5 - 7 ton.


Complete range

  • ISUZU m21 3,5 TON.