Optional and solutions

Mine mission


We designed two variants of protection to the cab of the vehicle, depending on the specific use to which it is intended:

- HALF CAB COVER - Provides partial protection of the cab from falling objects, mostly in the back, where it occurs more frequently. This solution allows the tilting of the cab for maintenance without having to lift the tipper.
- TOTAL CAB COVER - Provides full protection of the cab from falling objects, especially suitable for works in tunnel.


This special structure, placed in front of the vehicle, is designed to protect the cabin from bumps on off-road routes characterized by tree trunks, branches and other obstacles that can be on the way. We produce various models, with different degrees of strength and cover. In all versions, the bull-bar can be rotated without necessarily having to disassemble it for routine vehicle maintenance.

Optional and solutions range

  • Asphalt mission
  • ROCCIA mission
  • Safety System
  • Opening system of the reargate
  • Lateral hydraulic sideboards
  • Covering system
  • Hydraulic retractable reargate
  • Heating System